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About us

BeeWell Candles LLC, is a small business founded in 2016 by Scott Moore and Theresa Ebilane-Moore. Located in Dana Point, California; all of our products are handmade. We pride ourselves on using materials that are locally sourced and we insure quality by using ingredients from sustainable and responsible businesses. Our goal is not to turn a quick profit, but to provide a healthy alternative in the candle market, while helping to save the bees . A portion of our profits from every sale will goe to organizations and local farms that help with bee preservation and re-population.     

On August 27, 2016, we got married at a beautiful location up in northern California. Scott used to be a lighting designer for large events and weddings, with this experience, he has always loved the amber glow of candles. So we decided we would make the candles for our reception. We had so much fun making them, that we decided to keep on going, and that was the birth of BeeWell.  

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Why Beeswax?

We both suffer from asthma and allergies, and many candles we have purchased in the past have bothered our weak lungs. After doing a little research, we learned that most candles emit toxins that can be harmful. So we decided to create a candle from natural, safe burning materials. We use 100% cotton wicks and all natural beeswax. With the natural scent of honey that the wax provides, we decided on a small amount of therapeutic grade essential oil. These ARE NOT  heavy scented candles, our candles provide you with a warm glow and a soft scent of honey and orange.


Theresa & Scott